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The Grave Remains

Easter Sunday is the most joyous day of the year! As we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection, we are elated as we contemplate Christ’s victory over suffering, sin, death, hell, the devil, and all that ails us.

Yet, even on the most joyous day of the year, there is still suffering in our world. This Easter is particularly difficult for some of you, as it brings memories of loved ones who have been called to glory and are no longer here to share this festive day with you. For others of you, this Easter comes amid health problems. For others, the joy of the season is overshadowed by suffering, sadness, pain, heartache, and various other trials. Even though Jesus won the greatest victory for us when He burst out of the tomb; our earthly reality still presents suffering far too often.

In his commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Galatians, Martin Luther wrote the following;

Christ rising from the death is free from the grave, and yet the grave still remains. Peter is delivered from the prison, the sick… from his bed, the young man from his coffin, the maiden from her couch, and yet the prison, the bed, the coffin, the couch still remain.

But Easter Sunday gives us hope. Even though we still live with loss, sadness, and pain; even though death rears it’s detestable head, stealing loved ones away and threatening our own lives; even though suffering seems like a daily occurrence; we still have hope. On Easter Sunday, Jesus showed us that there is life after this, that death is not the end, and that we have a glorious future which awaits us.

God promises in Isaiah 25:8 – He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth; for the Lord has spoken.

On Easter Sunday, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but we also look forward to our own resurrection. We have a future in eternal paradise with God, where there will be no suffering, sadness, or pain. We have a future in which the grave, the prison, the sick-bed, and coffin will no longer remain.


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