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Consider Your Ways

In the days of the Old Testament, the people of God often became careless in their relationship with God. Instead of setting their minds on things above, their thoughts were often consumed with the cares and concerns of this world. Through the prophet Haggai, God called them to set their minds on Him once again and to “consider your ways” (Haggai 1:5). As we begin a New Year, it’s a great time to consider our ways and reflect on our own Christian walk to help us have a more Christ-centered 2017.

Below are some questions we can ask ourselves to help us achieve that noble task.

- What is my biggest “time-waster” that is preventing me from serving God?

- How often am I reading God’s Word?

- What is a need in my community in which I could be of service to the Lord?

- Who in my life is lonely, and needs to receive the love of Christ through me?

- What is the most helpful new way in which I could help strengthen my church?

- Which fruit of the Spirit is lacking most in my life?

- What spiritual habit or discipline should I strive to improve this year?

- Who in my life would like me to pray with them?

- What is one new way that I could be a blessing to our church workers this year?

- Where did I allow my life to get out of balance last year and how can I fix it this year?

- What one thing I could do to enrich the spiritual legacy I will leave my children and/or grandchildren?

- Which of my bad habits and behaviors might be causing a stumbling block for others?

- What sin did I give in to last year that I need to struggle against this year?

- How often am I using “I’m too busy” as an excuse to not serve God?

- What false gods did I find myself worshiping last year?

- Who did I sin against last year whom I need to apologize to?

- What gifts has God given me that I am not using in service to Him?

- Who has sinned against me and still needs to be forgiven?

- What bad attitudes am I bringing with me when I serve God?

I hope you will reflect on these questions, and others that might be on your mind. May God grant you His Holy Spirit and the wisdom that comes from above as you strive to consider your ways and have a new year that is good and pleasing in His sight!


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