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Mission Project Catalog

Do you ever wonder what the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is doing throughout the world and what projects you can support through your prayers and offerings? Finding out just got a great deal easier! The LC-MS just launched the Mission Project Catalog. There you will find a list of some of the mission projects that LC-MS is currently involved in, descriptions of each project, and biographies of the missionaries who lead them. The list does not even come close to including all of the mission work the LC-MS is involved with, but it still gives a glimpse of our worldwide mission. Below are a few that are regularly in my prayers.

Christ’s Care for Kenya – This was the mission project our VBS supported this year, which cares for vulnerable children in Kenya, providing housing, meals, and spiritual care through Church boarding schoools.

GKLI Outreach in Indonesia – Like many that you will find on this list, GKLI is a mission of the English District. Under the supervision of Missionary Charles Ferry, the Lutheran Church of Indonsia strives to reach out with the Gospel in a primarily Muslim country. Pastor Ferry is also working on having Lutheran materials translated into the Bahasi language to aid in Christian instruction.

Missionary Support for Rev. Obot Ite – You have likely heard of how African Christians have begun sending Missionaries into the Western World. Pastor Obot is a Nigerian pastor who is serving as a missionary in Jamaica. The LC-MS is raising funds to support his work as he is the only Lutheran Pastor in the entire nation!

Dominican Republic Missionary Maita – Pastor Ted Kray is an English District missionary who works with the Seminary in the Dominican Republic. Pastor Kray is currently asking for prayers and support for Rev. Sergio Maito, who is serving as a missionary in Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

A Reformation Website in Asia – Pastor Dan Jastrom is a friend of mine who is currently working on a website which will teach about the person and works of Martin Luther. The website will be written in both simple and traditional Chinese characters, and will be used by the Lutheran Church – Hong Kong Synod to aid them in teaching the Gospel throughout the Mandarin speaking world.

Timothy Lutheran Seminary in Papua New Guinea – This name might sound familiar to you. SOLC had sponsored Pastor Jeff Horn during his work their before the political situation in the country forced him back to the states. While Pastor Horn is no longer there, the work of Timonty Lutheran Seminary continues.

Lutheran Hope Center of Ferguson – Not all mission work happens over seas. The LCMS is intensifying our efforts to reach out to inner city areas in the United States. The Hope Center in Ferguson, Missouri offers tutoring, mentoring, and character building programs for young people in the epicenter of unrest that rippled across the nation.

Those are just a few of the mission projects included in the Mission Project Catalog. I hope that you will check out the website and join me in praying for these missions, as well as others that touch your heart!


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