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       The philosophy of the Children's Center is one that encompasses the total development of the child. The program is structured to meet social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs. Our priority is to deal with the whole child, with emphasis placed on building confidence in the child as they learn to relate to others, and to their environment. While pre-school children need to develop important skills necessary for academic success, it is vital that they be provided with opportunities to explore, to experiment, and to discover the excitement in learning.


      All facets of a child's growth are stressed equally. At SOLCC we offer experiences and activities that build confidence and promote the joy of discovery. Children explore and gain understanding of their world through play, quiet time, book reading, conversation, sharing, chapel time, and dramatic play. Art activities are provided to allow children to experiment with various media, making their own interpretive creations. Music, movement and rhythms are an integral part of our program. Children listen, sing, dance, and make their own music. Cognitive processes are enhanced through language development, conceptual materials, and a stimulating environment. All of these activities take place in a loving, Christian atmosphere where every child is viewed as a special gift from God.


     Sherman Oaks Lutheran Children's Center welcomes all families and operates on a non-discriminatory basis, according equal treatment and access to services without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or ancestry. All classes include daily, age-appropriate Christian education and all students participate in the twice-weekly chapel time. While we acknowledge different beliefs, our school is Christian by nature and all students will be expected to participate in the Center's opportunities for spiritual growth.